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Multiversus: How To Unlock Skins, Emotes, Taunts & Ring Outs

Here are the milestones you have to complete to unlock skin variants, emotes, taunts and ring out vfx in Multiversus.

Multiversus doesn’t just offer a roster of famous characters but it also gives players fun stuff such as skin variants, sticker emotes, ring out vfx, taunts etc. If you’d like to get them all, you need to level up the Battle Pass, increase the Mastery Level or use Gleamium. Here are the exact unlock requirements.

How to Unlock Variant Skins in Multiversus

how to unlock taunts emotes ring outs

Skin Name Character Unlock Requirement Level
Summertime Taz Taz Reach Taz Mastery Level 13
Uncle Shagworthy Shaggy Battle Pass Premium Tier 1
Bougie Bugs Bunny Battle Pass Premium Tier 20
Pirates Tom and Jerry Battle Pass Premium Tier 35
Task Force X Harley Quinn Battle Pass Premium Tier 44
Cake Jake Battle Pass Premium Tier 50
Pajama Finn Finn Battle Pass Free Tier 15
Samurai Batman Battle Pass Free Tier 50
The Animated Series Batman 1,500 Gleamium
One Million Superman 1,500 Gleamium
Beachcomber Taz Taz 500 Gleamium
Iron Giant (Classic) Iron Giant 250 Gold
Beach Giant Iron Giant 800 Gleamium
First Fusion Garnet 800 Gleamium
Coach Steven Steven Universe 500 Gleamium
Battle Reindog 1,500 Gleamium
Luau Velma 1.500 Gleamium
Waterdancer Arya Stark 800 Gleamium
Hollywood Bugs Bugs Bunny 1,500 Gleamium
Mad Love Harly Quinn 1,500 Gleamium
Pirates Tom and Jerry 500 Gleamium
Sheriff LeBron LeBron James 800 Gleamium
Bloodlines Wonder Woman 800 Gleamium

Multiversus Ring Out VFX Animation Unlockables

Animation How to Unlock Level
PFG Multiversus Founders Edition pack
PFG Team Founders Edition pack
That’s All Folks! Battle Pass Premium Tier 2
Omega Beam Battle Pass Premium Tier 7
Lasso of Truth Battle Pass Free Tier 14
Bat Signal 1200 Gleamium
Cannonball 1200 Gleamium
Dark Matter 1200 Gleamium
FP’s Burning Love 800 Gleamium
Jelly Bean 800 Gleamium
Marceline’s Song 800 Gleamium
Space Kook 1200 Gleamium
Spike’s Bite 1200 Gleamium
Steven’s Lion 1200 Gleamium

How to Unlock Taunts in Multiversus

Taunt Name Requirement Level
Arya Stark – Laugh 350 Gleamium
Batman – Accidental Bomb 350 Gleamium
Bugs Bunny – Dance Battle Pass Premium Tier 13
Finn – Baby Dance 350 Gleamium
Garnet – Tiny Car 500 Gleamium
Harley Quinn – Bye Bye 350 Gleamium
Iron Giant – Back Scratcher 500 Gleamium
Jake – Ballet 500 Gleamium
LeBron James – Salsa Dance 500 Gleamium
Reindog – Tail Wag 200 Gleamium
Shaggy – Shirt Rip 500 Gleamium
Steven Universe – Starstruck Battle Pass Premium Tier 9
Superman – Push Ups 500 Gleamium
Taz – She-Devil Howl 350 Gleamium
Tom & Jerry – Hurt Toe 350 Gleamium
Velma – Dance 500 Gleamium
Wonder Woman – Weight Lifting Battle Pass Premium Tier 4

How to Unlock Sticker Emotes in Multiversus

Character Requirement Level
Wink (Jake) Battle Pass Premium Tier 3
Mad (Arya) Battle Pass Premium Tier 16
Hungry (Shaggy) Battle Pass Premium Tier 24
Cool (Garnet) Battle Pass Premium Tier 31
Crazy (Harley) Battle Pass Premium Tier 37

That was all about Multiversus skin variants, sticker emotes, taunts, ring out vfx unlockables. For more related to Multiversus, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.