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How To Unlock The Sykov Pistol In Warzone and Modern Warfare?

A complete stepwise guide on how to unlock the Sykov Pistol in Warzone and Modern Warfare and what are the uses of the pistol.

The Sykov pistol is in talks now for a while after it officially made its debut in Call Of Duty: Warzone. This fully automatic handgun has the potential to take down your enemies in no time. Same as other weapons, you need to complete a challenge to unlock the pistol for free. Now a lot of gamers were able to just unlock it without completing the challenge, but if you are not one of those people, we got you. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock Sykov Pistol in Warzone and Modern Warfare and why is the pistol so talked about!

How to Unlock the Sykov Pistol In Warzone And Modern Warfare?


Sykov Pistol CoD

To unlock the Sykov Pistol in Warzone and Modern Warfare, you will need 4 kills in a single match and 5 different matches with any pistol. Now we would suggest you stay in the match till the very end of it for the match to count. Some players have reported that if they leave the match after 4 kills, the match does not get counted.

Attachments of the Sykov Pistol PerksThe Sykov pistol has three base attachments:


  • Akimbo
  • 80 round Mag at level 30
  • Full Auto Barrel

How to get the Perks for the Sykov?

Survival mode


Once you unlock the Sykov, to actually use it go to the co-op section of modern warfare. Here select the survival mode where you get 100 dollars to kill every human and through this money you can buy the perks for the pistol. You can level up the piston quirt easily too.

The Pistol is overpowering and broken along with it being nerfed in the recent update. However, this weapon is sure a must-try as it looks amazing. So that is all for our guide on How To Unlock The Sykov Pistol in Warzone and Modern Warfare. If you would like to know how to inspect weapons, check out this guide on How To Easily Inspect Weapons In Modern Warfare And Warzone.