How To Unlock Diablo 4 Sigil Crafting

Sigil Crafting is a late-game element in Diablo 4 that allows you to craft Nightmare Sigils. Through this, you can turn normal Dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons to earn more rewards. However, it is not something that you will unlock eventually. Instead, you must complete a Priority Quest at Kyovashad to unlock Sigil Crafting. This may sound tricky at first, so we are here to help you. Here’s what you can do to unlock Sigil Crafting in D4.

How To Unlock Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4

For a better understanding, here’s a step-by-step explanation of unlocking Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4.

  • After finishing the main story quests, complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon on World Tier 2. Doing so will unlock the World Tier 3 or Nightmare Difficulty.
  • Now, you must beat any Dungeon to get rewarded with a Sigil.

Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4

  • Next, having a Sigil will unlock a Priority Quest, Sigil Crafting. You can check it out from your Journal in the Priority Quest section.
  • This Priority Quest will make your visit and speak with a local Occultist in Kyovashad.
Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4
Image Source: WoW Quest (YouTube)
  • Speak with the Occultist known as Demyan & Craft a Nightmare Sigil – Sacred or Ancestral Nightmare Sigil.
  • This will unlock the Salvaging and Crafting of Sigils in Diablo IV (D4).

Upon completion, you will finally unlock Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4. But keep in mind that you can craft the Ancestral Sigil only if you have unlocked the Torment Difficulty. This Difficulty level is unlocked after reaching World Tier 4. Each Nightmare Sigil has a corresponding Tier you can craft by visiting an Occultist. A Nightmare Sigil with a Higher Tier will make the respective Nightmare Dungeon more complex and its rewards more fruitful.

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Now that you know how to unlock Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4 (D4), make the most out of it. Apart from this, you can learn more about the Ancestral Items by checking out our guide. For more such Diablo 4 content, we have made a separate section for you. Make sure to check it out on Gamer Tweak as well.

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