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How to get Monte Carlo Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

The Monte Carlo is one of the best weapons in Destiny 2, this auto rifle is exotic with perks that will reward you for combining its attacks with melee attacks, which means that if you like to get into the thick of the action then this will certainly be great for you. This guide will show you how to get Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2.

Where to Find Monte Carlo in Destiny 2


The Monte Carlo is a random drop, which means that there is no way of predicting where you can find it. The best approach towards getting it is to keep playing Destiny 2 until you find it. Make sure that you keep doing activities that have a higher chance of dropping exotic weapons like the heroic public event in Shadowkeep or the nightfall strikes.

Perks and stats of Monte Carlo in Destiny 2

The Monte Carlo Method is also called the Intrinsic perk, this offers you dealing damage with this rifle by reducing the melee cooldown. You can also charge your melee with each kill using this rifle.


The Markov Chain is a trait that significantly increases the damage done by the auto rifle with each melee kill and you can also get ammo for this.

This makes Monte Carlo the best weapon for those players who rely on melee combat also with gunplay and those who like to switch the play and take advantage of all the perks.

This is all there is to know about how to get the Monte Carlo auto rifle in Destiny 2. Do check our other Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Wiki Guides, Tips and Tricks only on GamerTweak.