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How To Get The Ladder In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Learn how you can unlock ladderessential tool in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

A ladder is an essential tool in Animal Crossing New Horizons as your island is literally split into two floors with the upper one being inaccessible because you cannot climb without a ladder. This guide will show you how to get the ladder in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How To Unlock The Ladder In Animal Crossing New Horizons


The ladder is an essential item and you will need from the early stages of the game but it is unclear how to get your hand on one of these. You have to know that it takes around 4 in-game days to get the ladder so it can be a bit of a patience tester but it is well worth it.

First, you will need to talk to Tom Nook on your island, as soon it is possible for you to pay off your moving fees and use the Nook Miles Tickets to go to a Mysterious Island and find a stranger that you can invite to your own island.

This new random island will be in abundance of crafting materials as well as exotic fruits that you can bring to your island as well, find someone who is just roaming around in this new island and ask them to come to your island. They will then express interest and all you have to do is reply with an affirmative answer.


Before the residents can come to your island, you will need to build a bridge that people can use to cross over the river. Tom Nook will give you the construction kit to build a new bridge by giving you the recipe. But before this, Tom Nook has to approve of getting new residents to your island, you know this is in the process when he hands you the recipe for the bridge.

As soon as you get the recipe, you will need the resources to build it, luckily you do not need much as all you need is 4 x log stakes, 4 x bits of clay and 4 x stone lumps and you are all done. Now all you have to do is pick a spot and place the bridge.

For the new residents, they will require a place to live, and you will have to create homes for them as Tom Nook promised fully kitted out homes. For this you will require additional items to craft, Tom Nook will give you the recipe of everything that you will require to create the new homes which takes away much of the stress.


One of those things will require flowers and sadly, you won’t be able to get flowers until you get a ladder as they are situated on the upper side of the island. Next, you will need to place all three plots for your new residents and you will soon receive a phone call from Tom Nook talking about the flowers.

As soon as the phone call ends, he will give you the recipe for the ladder and all you have to do is go to the Resident Services and craft one. You will require 4 x hardwood and 4 x softwood.

This is all there is to know about how to get a ladder in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Make sure you check our other Animal Crossing New Horizon Wiki Guides only on Gamer Tweak.