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How to Unlock Horde Mode In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Special Mode for PS4

Call of Duty Modern Warfare brings a tons of different modes to play, there are Operations and Special Ops Operations with unique challenges and rewards. But there is also an special survival mode that adds a wave-based horde mode in Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare horde mode comes with a limitation, it is exclusive to PS4 players till Oct 1, 2020. So if you are not on PS4 then you are going to miss a lot of action here. Otherwise you can read below our guide on how to unlock Horde mode in COD Modern Warfare.

How to unlock Horde Survival Mode in Modern Warfare


The horde mode is called as Special Ops Survival Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare reserved for PS4 users only. This is an additional wave-based mode that adds a additional co-op mode for PS4 players. A group of four players can create a team and play the survival mode. In one of the three multiplayer maps they will be facing a non-stop waves of enemy forces.

This one on one battle mode will intensify with each mode, players will have to fight off the waves. With each wave the difficulty also increases and this will be the true test of your combat skills. You can carry out your load-outs to this mode and start hitting down the incoming waves with your friends.

So here PS4 players will have an exclusive chance to play the Horde Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It sounds pretty amazing where your team will be dealing with wave of enemies that level up with each wave. There is no way to run here.


Good luck soldier.