How to Unlock Demeter in Hades

Here's a quick guide on how to get Demeter in Hades.

Demeter in Hades is the goddess of agriculture, who offers to Zagreus inflict her signature Status Curse, which shatters and slows down enemies. Besides this, she also offers the second-highest raw percentage damage increase.

It is to be noted that Demeter can only found after getting to the surface for the first time, which makes her one of the four Olympian gods. She will not be spotted in the very first run of a save. If you give nectar to Demeter, she will give you the Frosbitten Horn.

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How to Unlock Demeter in Hades

In order to find Demeter in Hades, you will have to head over to the final boss, which is your father Hades himself, and begin the fight with him. The final area of Hades is an icy location, which ties into the powers of Demeter. Notably, instead of beating Hades in the boss fight, you will simply need to get to it.

Then, when you begin the next run, you will get the first Boon from Demeter and you will get to see her for the first time. Post that, you must see her power-up icons appearing every now and then. As shown in the below picture, you will be searching for the blue/white icon, which will look like an icy arrow. Now, you will have to interact with that to get a Boon from Demeter, again.

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How to unlock Demeter in Hades

As we have mentioned above, when you give her a gift, she will give you a Keepsake, Frosbitten Horn. You can activate Frosbitten Horn in the next run ensuring that you get a power-up from her instantly.

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