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How To Unlock Golden Suit In Control – Luck Puzzle Solution

Get a free outfit and two ability points

In Control, there is a section in the Research Sector called Luck & Probability, there is a tough puzzle to solve here. If you are able to do this you can unlock a free Golden Outfit as a reward with two additional ability points and some materials. So why not to try it. The only requirement to play this puzzle is Clearance Level 5 that you get later in the game. So if you have that you can hit the Research sector using a Control Point and complete the Luck & Probability Puzzle with the help of our guide you can easily solve the puzzle and unlock the rewards.

How To Solve Luck & Probability Puzzle

Use the Control Point and choose Fast Travel Point Central Research under the Research Sector. You will land outside Luck and Probability office. There might be a few enemies, deal with them, and enter. You will need Clearance Level 5 to access the Roulette part of the office.

The solution is on the whiteboard inside the second part of office, it is a little tricky to understand so here is the solution with a How to solve Luck & Probability Puzzle Walkthrough video.

Control Luck & Probability Puzzle guide

1) . Go to the office entrance and pick the Golden Fish (Bronze Koi Fish) on the right of the door. Take it to near the roulette and place it on the red carpet.

Control Luck & Probability Puzzle guide

2). In the front side of the entrance door, there is a white cat (Maneki-Neko Statue), interact to activate the waving hand.

Control Luck & Probability Puzzle guide

3). Collect four leave clover from outside to the square plantation box near roulette. Just place it there and lets head to the next part of the puzzle.

Control Luck & Probability Puzzle guide

4). There are four table lamps, there are near to each other and one is near the big window on the right side of the office. Turn on each of them. They are all very easy to find.

Control Luck & Probability Puzzle guide

5). For the final part go outside and interact with the Elephant and the Horshoe once. I tried leaving them as it is but was not getting 7 on Roulette. Watch the full video walkthrough below.

That’s it we are now done with the Luck factor by doing these things to near the Roulette and rotate it. Remember after rotating it, do not stand on the red carpet, or else you will not get “7”. If the number lands well you will unlock the awesome Gold Suit, 2 ability points & Astral Blips.

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