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How To Unlock Gold Camo For The Signal 50 In Modern Warfare 2

Tempted to get your hands on the Gold Signal 50 in MW2 but don't know how? Find out right here.

The Signal 50 is a real belter of a sniper rifle in COD Modern Warfare 2. Compared to other snipers in the game, it’s definitely one of the best. It’s extremely fast fire rate and single shot kill is what makes it so good. But the cherry on top is having a gold Signal 50 at your disposal. If you haven’t unlocked the Gold Signal 50 in Modern Warfare 2 yet, follow this guide to find out how.


How to Unlock the Gold Signal 50 in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock the Gold Camo for Signal 50 in MW2

First things first, a gold camo will only change the appearance of the Signal 50 and won’t have any performance boost for your gun. Secondly, there are four base camo challenges that need to be completed initially before unlocking the Completionist challenge. The 4 challenges are:

  • Gladiator – get 50 kills with the Signal 50
  • Unearthed – get 2 kills within 10 seconds of each other for a total 10 times
  • Earthbound – get 30 kills while being prone with the Signal 50
  • Spectrums – get 25 ‘one shot kills’ with the Signal 50

Once you complete all these challenges, you’ll have access to the Completionist challenge which will unlock the Gold camo for your weapon. The goal of this final challenge is to get 3 kills consecutively without dying for atleast 10 times. Here are a few tips to unlock the gold camo faster in MW2:

  • Avoid playing ‘Invasion’ as the kills registered in this mode won’t count towards the challenge.
  • ‘Kill Confirmed’, ‘Domination’, ‘Hardpoint’ and ‘Headquarters’ are the best modes to complete this mission.
  • For your killstreaks, use the UAV and counter UAV as these will assist you in your challenge.
  • During the match, adopting a ‘sit back and snipe’ tactic works best in racking up a number of kills which will in turn help you complete the mission.

That brings us to the end of this guide. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to unlock the Gold Signal 50 in MW2 in no time! The important part is to have fun all along. The time taken to achieve it doesn’t really matter. If you liked this guide, do check out our Modern Warfare 2 Wiki as well.