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How To Unlock Hidden Skill God Key In Wolfenstein Youngblood

Want to bounce missiles?

In this Wolfenstein Youngblood guide, you can learn how to unlock a special skill that will help you get some unique powers. There is one hidden skill called God Key in Wolfenstein Youngblood which is very important. This skill can help you to illuminate dark places, cause extra damage to robots and throw out missiles coming in your direction.

How To Unlock God Key Hidden Skill


To unlock God Key in Wolfenstein Youngblood you have to play the story mission all the way to the main boss. He is in the last mission of the game, here you will fight the final battle of the game. God key requires a collectible hidden in Lab X, this will be revealed during the cutscene. You don’t really have to collect it or located. When both the sitters meet their father in Lab X the story of God key begins.

After this, you will be able to see God Key skill in the Power section of the skill tree. There are four Skills to develop to God key and each has its own perks. You can read all the details regarding below.

  1. Bullet God – Reject and bounce away Missiles.
  2. Grenade God – Throw away Grenades.
  3. God Key Vision – Light up the Dark Places.
  4. Robot God – Inflict extra damage on Robots.


Checkout a small video by “Zanar Aesthetics” on God Key:


God key is an amazing skill to the developer, it can help you to stop bullets and grenades, and reflect them towards the enemies. It is a kind of superpower that also help you to break doors and make your way in the battleground if surrounded by a lot of enemies. Doors marked in blue can be destroyed using God Key skill, you can also use it to open the chest.