How To Unlock Free Characters In Honkai Star Rail

Do you want to unlock free-to-play characters in Honkai Star Rail? Here is how to get eight free characters in Honkai.

Spending real money to get characters in Honkai Star Rail is not for everyone. And since Honkai uses the same gacha system like Genshin Impact, nothing is ever guaranteed. The system is unforgiving but is still the fairest means of getting new playable characters. Luckily, Honkai Star Rail helps you get and unlock free characters as well. If you want to know which characters are available for free and how to get them, then check our guide below.

How to Get Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail

how to unlock free characters honkai star

The eight Honkai Star Rail free characters are Asta, Dan Heng, Herta, March 7th, Natasha, Qingque, Serval, and the Trailblazer. However, Trailblazer is your main starter character, you will be able to get the remaining seven free characters as you progress through the game.

At the time of writing, players can get Serval – a 4-star Lightning character – in their free Honkai Star character giveaway. Check your in-game messages through the Menu once the tutorial is done and tap the “Claim” button to get Serval.

How to Unlock Honkai Star Free Characters

You will be able to claim free characters during the limited-time events in Honkai Star. So, be sure to always look out for any special giveaways. If your eyes are set on getting 5-star characters, it can take a huge chunk of your time and money as well. There are specific Honkai Star characters that you can unlock by spending Star Rail passes or Special Passes. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get your favorite character due to HoYoverse’s Warp banner system.

All Free Honkai Characters

  1. Trailblazer: 5-star (The Destruction/Physical, The Preservation/Fire)
  2. March 7th: 4-star (The Preservation/Ice)
  3. Dan Heng: 4-star (The Hunt/Wind)
  4. Asta: 4-star (The Harmony/Fire)
  5. Herta: 4-star (The Erudition/Ice)
  6. Natasha: 4-star (The Abundance/Physical)
  7. Qingque: 4-star (The Erudition/Quantum)
  8. Serval: 4-star (The Erudition/Lightning)

Tha’s everything you need to know about how to get free characters in Honkai Star Rail. We hope that you learned how to unlock characters for free. While you’re still here, be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail section for more helpful guides and tips & tricks like these.