How to Unlock EX Grenade in Death Stranding – Stun BT’s

By Raaj
2 Min Read

Ex Grenade’s in Death Stranding is an important explosive to stun enemies. And to craft them you will require to use your toilet. Ex Grenades are fabricated from Sam’s poop and urine. You will be able to unlock this later in the game and use them to stun enemies. Learn how to unlock EX Grenades in Death Stranding below.

How to unlock EX Grenades

EX Grenades in Death Stranding is unlocked in the Private Rooms. After completing a few deliveries you will be depositing your pee and poop in the toilet that will be taken as sample. You will unlock one EX Grenade on peeing and two on pooping. So best is do not waste it outside, if you are full head to one of the Distribution Centers and use the toilet. EX Grenades will be unlocked after sometime, so be ready to bath and clean yourself. EX Grenades can damage BT’s it can stun then allowing you to escape and also in many boss fights you will need EX Grenades.

  1. EX Grenade 0 – Shower
  2. Ex Grenade 1 – Pee
  3. Ex Grenade 2 – Poop

After grabbing a few Ex Grenades whenever you find a BT hold use the D-pad to grab it and hold L2 to throw right on it. EX Grenades are best to stun enemies for a short while, there are other grenades also that will unlock as you progress.

How to use Toilet & Shower in Private Room.

Just look on the left of Sam you will see a small bath room with all amenities’ to relieve yourself. Use it in every private room after a delivery to release Chiral elements from your body. The fluids coming out from bath, toilet and pooping will be used by experts to turn into a explosive grenade that can kill dead people. This is so awesome.