How To Unlock & Defeat Scaramouche Boss In Genshin Impact

Check out how you can unlock & defeat Scaramouche Boss in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact always comes out with new interesting quests and missions to keep the players engaged. And they’ve done it again, in the new 3.2 update, you’ll get to see various new weekly boss events to complete. This event will give you a new boss per week to beat and collect the rewards. Consider these rewards as ascension materials for some characters in the game. For those who are unaware Scaramouche (Balladeer) also known as Shouki no Kami the Prodigal will drop materials that can be used for Nahida. However, if you’re unaware of the process to unlock & defeat the Scaramouche (Balladeer) Boss in Genshin Impact, then we’ve got your back.

Steps to Unlock & Defeat Scaramouche Boss in Genshin Impact (Balladeer Fight)

How To Unlock & Defeat Scaramouche Boss Genshin Impact

In order to unlock & defeat the Scaramouche Boss in Genshin impact, the player will have to complete all the Archon Quests. Until they complete the Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V – Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises. Once you’ve done that, another requirement to participate in this event is that the player will be required to be at Adventure Rank 35.

Doing so will unlock the challenge to defeat Shouki no Kami in Genshin Impact. After that, simply head to the Boss Domain which is located in Chinhat Ravine. And there you will have to look for a glowing tree that will teleport you to the Joururi Workshop. Now comes the fighting part where you defeat the Scaramouche (Balladeer) Boss in the game.

For those who are unaware, this Boss fight is divided into 2 phases, and the first thing you to avoid using is Electro Characters. We recommend you use Dendro characters like Nahida, Fischl, Tighnari, & Zhongli.

Phase 1

In phase 1 all you have to do is avoid the Scaramouche attacks. As soon as you see circles or rings on the ground, jump and escape that area. That’s because the boss has a high Area of Damage attacks. It might seem easy at first, but don’t forget he is only using his upper body strength yet.

Another thing you’ll notice is a green floating thing, which is known as Neo Akasha Terminal. This Terminal is going to be your great help to Defeat Scaramouche Boss and unlock the rewards in Genshin Impact. It helps the player use the Elemental Matrixes available in front of the boss. In order to charge the gauge all you have to do is collect the energy Blocks during the fight. Here’s a list of those special tile effects.

  • Anemo – Helps you dodge attacks by producing an air boost.
  • Pyro – Clears the Cryo (Frost) from the ground.
  • Cryo – Clears the Pyro (Flame) from the ground.
  • Hydro – Helps you heal your damage
  • Electro – Initiates Electro Matrixes to stun Scaramouche.

Phase 2

In this phase, the boss will be using his full body strength to beat you. As soon as he floats in the air he will start teleporting around, trying to get you by surprise. Scaramouche will also be protected by a shield that you have to take down by using the Neo Akasha Terminal. While doing it, make sure you maintain your distance from the boss and avoid all the attacks.

Once the Terminal gauge is fully charged it’ll attack the boss to destroy his shield. After that’s done the Scaramouche will summon the Nirvana Engine. So here you have to again show your skills and destroy the Engines.

As soon as you do that the Scaramouche will get weak and paralyzed for a while. After that you know the drill, simply use your grappler and head to a small platform created near the boss. And then keep attacking him non-stop and, that’s how you’ll be able to defeat him.

After you’ve completed the challenge the player will get rewards like Puppet Strings, Daka’s Bell, & Mirror of Mushin. This is all you need to know about how you can unlock and defeat the Scaramouche (Balladeer) Boss in Genshin Impact. While you’re here take a look at Nahida Ascension & Talent Materials List.