How To Unlock Every Character In Risk of Rain With All Abilities

Risk of Rain brings you a total of 11 characters, to unlock each character you will have to complete certain quests and objectives.

Risk of Rain brings you a total of 11 characters and from that 9 were from when the game was originally released and 2 were added later. If you want to unlock characters in Risk of Rain, check out how to do it right here.

How To Unlock Each Character In Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain is a platformer that was released back in 2013, there were 9 characters that you could unlock throughout the gameplay and with patch 1.2, 2 more were added to the roster. If you want to unlock each and every character in Risk of Rain, check this guide out.

Each character is equipped with 4 unique abilities and stats that help give you a different perspective and experience in Risk of Rain. To unlock each character you will have to complete certain quests and objectives. The more achievements that you unlock, the faster you will be able to unlock the characters.

Risk of Rain Characters Unlock Guide

Below are list of all 11 characters along with the way to unlock them. Remember to check the difficultyu level that plays a major role in unlocking them one by one.

1. Bandit

  • Difficulty: You will need to play Risk of Rain on Drizzle+ to unlock Bandit.

To Unlock Bandit in Risk of Rain, you will need to complete Stage 3. Bandit’s skill will help you cause damage effectively in battles and get the upper hand. Skill like Lights Out will help you aim a headshot which will give you 600% damage on an enemy and if an enemy is killed your cooldown will be reset to 0.

Other skills like Blast will fire a shot that does 150% damage, Smokebomb will turn your invisible and if you pair it with another ability you will cause 140% more damage.

Finally, Dynamite Toss will give you an explosive that you can throw for 230% damage on enemies. This makes Bandit one of the best offensive characters in Risk of Rain.

2. Enforcer

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Enforcer in Risk of Rain, you will have to kill the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus. Once you do this, you will be able to play as Drizzle who is an explosive yet defensive-minded character. His best ability is the Crowd Control that can launch a stun grenade and cause 250% damage, it also casts a large shadow.

Other skills like Riot Shotgun is great at short range giving you 160% damage and hitting all enemies in front of you, Protect and Serve will help you set up a defense shield that will block all damage from the front, increase your attack speed, but it will slow down your movement and you won’t be able to jump to move out of attacks or change position.

Shield Slam will let you slam nearby enemies for 210% damage and will even knock them back.

3. HAN-D

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Han-D you will have to find Robot Janitor inside a storage crate when you get to the second area of the final level. His abilities are amazing, especially Forced-Reassembly will knock all enemies in the air and cause 400% damage.

Other abilities like Overclock will increase your attack speed by 30% which makes a considerable difference and Drone ability will help you fire a drone causing 190% in damage and heal you at the same time.

Finally, Hurt ability will cause 180% damage to all enemies.

4. Miner

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Miner in Risk of Rain, you will need to go to the bottom right area of Magma Barracks and kill the Direseeker monster in the tunnel. His best ability is called Drill Charge and it allows you to dash enemies causing up to 600% damage. This will also make you invincible while the ability is being used.

Abilities like Crush will cause 140% damage to all nearby enemies and Backblast will cause an explosion sending you backward causing 200% damage. This will also help to stun all the enemies.

To The Stars, the ability will let you jump into the air and hit all enemies below you for 3×180% total.

5. Engineer

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock the Engineer you will have to purchase or fix 40 drones in total. Engineer’s best ability is called Thermal Harpoons and it allows you to attack with 4 heat-seeking harpoons each causing 250% damage. Tri-nade ability will send three grenades with each causing 80% damage and Bounding Mine will drop a trap that will explode with 300% damage, you can carry 15 at a time.

Finally, the Auto-Turret ability will set up a turret that will cause 3×100% damage for 30 seconds and you can carry up to 2 at a time.

6. Acrid

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain, you will need to go to the top right area of the Sunken Tomb and open the cage. When you do this, you will have to battle and kill the creature that confronts you.

Acrid’s best ability is Festering Wounds, this helps you attack and enemy for 120% damage and poison the target for 24% per second. Other abilities like Neurotoxins will let you spit venom like substance causing 220% damage and will also stun your specific target.

Caustic Sludge will help speed up your allows and slow enemies causing them 90% damage. Finally, Epidemic ability will release a disease that will poison your enemies for 100% damage for every second they are infected, this ability will spread further affecting more targets.

7. Loader

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Loader, you will need to get 30 different items in a single playthrough, this can be a bit challenging so make sure to check every nook and cranny in the game. Loader’s best ability is the Hydraulic Gauntlet, this will fire a gauntlet at your enemy and pull you towards them causing 210% damage.

Abilities like Knuckleboom will let you damage nearby enemies for 120% with every third hit causing twice the amount of damage. Debris Shield will protect you for 100% of your health giving you 3 seconds of no damage and will increase your movement speed so that you can escape.

M440 Conduit will help you fix a lightning rod and after placing two you will be able to pass lightning surges through them with 80% damage per second lasting up to 9 seconds.

8. Mercenary

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Mercenary, you will have to complete Risk of Rain a total of 5 times, but the wait is certainly worth the wait as the Mercenary is one of the dependable characters in Risk of Rain.

Abilities like Eviscerate are the best and will target the nearest enemy causing up to 660% damage and make you invincible during the ability.

Other abilities are amazing as Laser Sword will help you slash forward, causing damage to 3 enemies for 130% damage, Whirlwind will slash twice with each hit causing 80% damage.

The Blinding Assault ability will stun enemies for 120% damage and if you land a successful hit, you can dash again. you can do this up to 3 times making you invincible during each dash.

9. Sniper

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Sniper you will have to beat the game only one. The best abilities of Sniper are Steady Aim, this will cause more damage the longer you hold down the button causing up to 2000% damage. Ability like Snipe/Reload will shoot and damage an enemy for 250% damage and if you time this right you can even reactivate the ability.

Military Training will help you backflip over a large distance, and Spotter: Scan/Return will send a spotter to analyze who the most dangerous enemy is and increase the critical strike chance against it by 100%.

10. CHEF

  • Difficulty: Drizzle+

To unlock Chef, you will need to find the sprouting egg, Foreign Fruit, Bustling Fungus, and Bitter Root during a single playthrough.

Chef’s best ability is Sear where you can cook customers for 260% damage and knock them away. Other abilities like Dice will throw a cleaver at your enemies for 100% damage and will come back to you like a boomerang. Glaze will send out a wave of oil, slowing down enemies covering in glaze. If combined with Sear you will cause +78% damage and stun them.

Second Helping ability will let you make a master meal, and help fasten the next ability to be cast.

11. Huntress

  • Difficulty: Rainstorm or Monsoon

To unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain you will need to collect 15 Monster Logs. The Laser Glaive ability will let you throw a glaive that will bounce on 4 enemies and cause 300% damage, each bounce increases damage by 30%. Abilities like Blink will help you teleport forward a small distance, while Cluster Bomb will help fire an explosive for 320% total damage.

Finally, the ability Strafe will fire an arrow for 140% damage and you can even shoot it while moving forward. These are all the unlockable characters in Risk of Rain and how to unlock them, make sure to check out more guides about your favorite games right here on Gamertweak.