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Fortnite: How to unlock Chaos Rising Loading Screen

A new week means that there will be tons of missions in Fortnite for players to complete in order to unlock more tiers and get more cosmetic items, this guide will show you how to unlock Chaos Rising loading screen in Fortnite.

How to unlock Chaos Rising Loading Screen


This week’s challenges will have you dancing at various places, and most of those include different colored steel bridges, you will have to complete a motorboat time trial and tons more.

This is what keeps Fortnite players invested in the game, but to unlock The Chaos Rising loading screen there are a few secrets that will get you the Sorana Skin.

There are a few challenges that need to be complete, which you can check below. Make sure that you check out and then proceed by completing them one by one.


  • Search Ammo Boxes at Steamy Stacks or Holly Hedges (7)
  • Skydive through rings in Steamy Stacks (1)
  • Complete a Motorboat time trial (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents from below (250)
  • Dance at the Green Steel Bridge, the Yellow Steel Bridge, and the Red Steel Bridge
  • Eliminations with Shotguns (3)
  • Use a Zipline in different matches (2)
  • Eliminations from within 5 meters (3)
  • Search Chests in a single match (5)
  • Deal damage to opponents while in water (500)

Once you complete all these challenges, you will be then able to unlock the Chaos Rising screen which will give you further clues Sorana’s skins.

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