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How To Unlock Blueprints Table In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will help you to unlock Blueprints table in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Blueprints Table is rewarding as it helps to craft Furniture pieces required to decorate the world the way you want. To unlock Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a lengthy process and it is unlocked later in the game. Hence, you will need to unlock several quests and even Characters to access Blueprints Table. Hence, this guide on unlocking the Blueprints will be useful for curious players.


How to Unlock Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Unlocking Blueprint in Dreamlight Valley

  • The first step in unlocking the Blueprints Table starts with unlocking Prince Eric.
  • If you haven’t got Prince Eric yet, unlock him first by reaching Friendship level 10 with Ariel and Ursula.
  • Once He is unlocked, reach Friendship level 7 with him. This can be done by giving him gifts and completing his quests.
  • Once he reaches level 7 a new quest ‘Back to the Waves’ unlocks.
  • After Completing the quest the Blueprint Table will be unlocked.

How to Complete ‘Back To The Wave’ Quest?

  • In this quest, you will be tasked with repairing a Broken Compass.
  • You will first meet Wall-E with the Broken Compass who will ask you to craft Dreamlight Magnet.
  • To craft Dreamlight Magnet, you would require 8 Crystals, 4 Iron Ingots, and 6 Tinkerking Parts.
  • You can find Crystal in Forgotten Land. Mine the rocks there to get some Crystals.
  • Iron Ores are used in making Iron Ingots. These ores are found while mining Black Rocks in the Valley.
  • Tinkering parts are crafted using Iron Ingots. Hence, it is important to craft extra Iron Ingots.
  • Craft the Dreamlight Magnet in the Crafting Station and bring it to Wall-E.
  • Wall-E will fix the Compass. Take it to Prince Eric to complete the quest and unlock the Blueprints Table.

That’s how you unlock it. Also, Check out how to make Sour Snow Cones in Disney Dreamlight Valley.