Unicorn Overlord: How to Unlock Secret Shop (Black Market Dealer)

You must meet this requirement to unlock the Secret Shop of Black Market Dealer in Unicorn Overlord.

Have money to spare or want some weapons and accessories to strengthen your units? Unlock your first Black Market Dealer Secret Shop in Unicorn Overlord and purchase from them. The price of shop items starts from 1000 G, so if you are low on them, gather them while finishing the quest we have listed in this guide.

You cannot access the shop simply by visiting the location and talking to the Black Market (Old Man) NPC. Certain conditions must be fulfilled for that. If you are unaware of the requirements and wondering what they are, then you have come to the right place, follow along to find out.

How to Unlock Black Market Secret Shop in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord Unlock Secret Shop
Image Credit: NightFore on YouTube

Black Market Dealers own Secret Shop found all over the map. The earliest and easiest one you can unlock is in the Cornia. While you will find it north of the Uprooting the Rock Rats travel point, it will only become available after completing around 13 Liberation Quest. The dealer wouldn’t trust you and give you the quest ‘The Black Market Trader‘ when you visit before completing them. So, first, follow the location from below and interact to get the quest. Then we would suggest you complete these Liberation Quests:

  • A Solitary Resistance
  • As the Tricorns Ride
  • Province of Famine
  • The Battle for Barbatimo
  • The Battle for Istania
  • The Battle for Lisiere
  • The Battle for Lonteria
  • The Battle for Paradis
  • The Battle for Plaine
  • The Battle for Prashvari
  • The Battle for Riviere
  • The Blade of House Meillet
  • The Mercenary’s Trial
  • The Self-Effacing Sorcerer
  • The Winged Knight
  • The Ravaged Swamp
  • Uprooting the Rock Rats

Black Market Dealer Secret Shop Location and Time

  1. Once you have completed the required amount of the Liberation Quests, teleport to the Uprooting the Rock Rats at night. This shop only operates at that time.
  2. Now, head into the forest in the north and look for the stone gate.
  3. Enter from the gate and go to the west while following the dirt road.
  4. You will see a hooded man standing at the crossroads.
  5. Talk to him, and he will take you to the Black Market Dealer store.

All Secret Shop Black Market Dealer Items in Cornia

Secret Shop Black Market Items in Cornia Unicorn Overlord
Image Credit: NightFore on YouTube
  • Thief’s Mantle: 20,000 G
  • Starless Bow: 3,000 G
  • Zenoiran Sword: 5,000 G
  • Zenoiran Spear: 5,000 G
  • Zenoiran Axe: 5,000 G
  • Carnelian Pendant: 10,000 G
  • Lapis Pendant: 10,000 G
  • Iron Shackles: 3,000 G
  • Magick Bomb: 5,000 G
  • Lapis Lazuli: 1,000 G
  • Ruby: 2,000 G
  • Idealist’s Handmirror: 30,000 G

Now that you have access to the Black Market Secret Shop in Unicorn Overlord, you might want to learn how to create Tactics Templates for characters and check the tier list.