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MW2: How To Get The Akimbo Attachments

Check out this guide to know how to unlock the Akimbo attachment in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 is no doubt the most successful title in the history of COD games. What made COD games a huge success in the gaming sector are their thrilling game modes and wide range of weaponry. Apart from this, this game offers a great range of weaponry. Each weapon in this game can further be enhanced to achieve its best potential. In the case of Handguns, the most lethal upgrade it could get is a Dual Wield, also known as Akimbo. So basically you will be doubling the rounds of magazines and damage for a pistol with this attachment. If you are one of those players looking to get the Akimbo in MW2, then this article is all you need. Make sure to go through the end and uncover everything related to the Akimbo attachment in this game.


How to Unlock Akimbo in Modern Warfare 2

How To Unlock Akimbo In Modern Warfare 2

Those who have played the previous Modern Warfare 2 might know that it included the Akimbo as well. Moreover, this attachment was available to equip Handguns, SMGs, and Shotguns in the 2009 version of the game. Although, in this MW2 2022, Akimbo is only attachable to Handguns. Here’s what you can do to unlock it for each Handgun in MW2:

  • P890 – Reach level 26 to unlock it.
  • .50 GS – Reach level 17 to unlock it.
  • X12 – Reach level 19 to unlock it.
  • Basilisk – Reach level 28 to unlock it.
  • X13 Auto – X12 and X13 Auto fall under the XRK Platform. Hence, it is possible to use the unlocked attachments of X12 while equipping X13 Auto.

Also, keep in mind that this attachment compromises the Accuracy of the gun with an increase in distance. So, to get the maximum out of the Akimbo Handguns in MW2, you will have to deal with enemies in a close-range battle.


That’s how to get the Akimbo in MW2. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other COD MW2 guides.