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How To Unlink Roblox Account From Xbox?

Read this guide to learn how you can unlink your Roblox account from Xbox.

When playing Roblox on your Xbox, you might find the need to unlink your account from the console. You may need to do this if you want someone else to not play the game with your login details. If you have been finding it tricky to unlink your account, we’ve got just the guide for you. We will show you how to remove your account from Xbox.

How to Unlink Your Roblox Account from Xbox?


To unlink your Roblox account from Xbox, you first need to go to the home screen in the game’s menu. Once here, press the X button. You will find this button in the bottom right of your screen. This will open up the Settings menu. In this menu, you need to go to the Accounts option. From here, click on Unlink. You will also find your gamertag along with this option. Doing so will disconnect your Roblox account from Xbox.

An alternative option involves heading towards the Security tab. Here, you will find the Disconnect option located right under the Xbox logo. Once you successfully complete this process, you will be taken back to the login page. Now, you can choose to link another account with Xbox if you wish to.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the possibility of losing your data and progress when you unlink your account. We recommend you properly check and confirm the safety of your data before you go ahead and execute the process to unlink any accounts.


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These are the two methods you can use to remove your Roblox account from Xbox. Just remember that you will only be able to access all of your purchases and data by re-logging in. Until you do so, you will not be able to use or access your purchases or any such data.

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