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Need For Speed Unbound: Unlimited Money Glitch [Explained]

Here's everything you should know about the Unlimited Money Glitch in NFS Unbound.

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest addition to the famous street racing franchise. It comes with tons of enhancements and fresh in-game content keeping you entertained throughout the gaming session. Similar to the previous installments, you have to progress further in the game and earn cash prizes. Further, you can unlock new vehicles and redeem all the speedy fun. As we know, the core method to earn money in this game is by winning races. Also, the difficulty level increases over time making it tough to collect money after a certain period of time. However, a recent unlimited money glitch is allowing players to get some comparatively easy money in NFS Unbound. Wanna know how? Check out this guide that features everything about that glitch.


Unlimited Money Glitch in NFS Unbound

Unlimited Money Glitch In NFS Unbound
Image Source – Caspahz (YouTube)

After entering the Garage and selecting the Play option, you may notice that there’s a Weekly Calendar over there. Wherein, on every Saturday, you get to participate in Qualifier Races rewarding high cash prizes and a new vehicle. Each week’s Qualifier Races get difficult as you dive deeper into the game. Although, this is when you can redeem the benefit of that money glitch in NFS Unbound. Here’s how to trigger this glitch.

Note – This glitch works regardless of how far you are in the game.

  • Firstly, you have to unlock the Qualifiers by racing a few times. The easiest way to quickly do this is by completing a match and heading back to the Garage to end the session for the day. Do this as many times as needed to unlock the Qualifiers. Now, you have to actually win the race to earn the profit from the unlimited money glitch in NFS Unbound.
  • In the Qualifiers, you have to compete in 3 different races and win all of them. To make it more simple, you can change the difficulty level to Relaxed right before entering the race. Once you have won the race, the game will initiate a cutscene displaying your rewards. After this rewards cutscene, you will be redirected to another cutscene and this time you will have to quit the game. Yes, you heard it right, you have to quit the game when the second cutscene appears to get the benefits of the money glitch in NFS Unbound.
  • Upon relaunching the game, you will notice that you have all the money you have earned. Moreover, you will also have the Qualifier match that you just finished. This allows you to participate in the race again giving you one more opportunity to win big. You can perform this unlimited money glitch as many times as you want in NFS Unbound.

That’s all covered on the Unlimited Money Glitch in NFS Unbound. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other NFS Unbound guides on Gamer Tweak.