How To Beat Undyne The Undying In Undertale

Shreyansh Shah
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This guide explains everything you need to know to beat Undyne the Undying in Undertale. Undertale is one of the best Indie games you can play in 2022. The plot follows the main character, who as a child fell into the Underworld past the magic barrier that separated the realm of humans and the Underworld. The main objective is to find your way to the palace of the King of the Underground which holds the key to escaping the Underworld and of course not dying at the hands of your enemies. Undyne the Undying is one such enemy that is quite difficult to beat.

How to Beat Undyne the Undying in Undertale

Undertale Defeat Undyne the Undying

Here are a few things to remember before you go to battle Undyne –

  • Carry as many healing items as you can.
  • Use attacks with more bars, like the Ballet Shoes.
  • Don’t waste your healing unless you will fail the next level.

How to Defeat Undyne the Undying

  • Focus while you go into the battle. Timing is your only friend.
  • The arrows moving in your direction need timing. Don’t be confused by the slow ones.
  • Multiple spears will be hurled at you from different directions. The key to getting past it is slowly moving towards the corners and dodging the spears in that direction.
  • The next attack is three spears attacking alternatively. Remember that the fading spears will not hurt you and you move in that direction to avoid the attack.
  • The reverse directional arrows are something you will need your timely reflex to stop. They are the yellow ones so block the opposite direction from which it is arriving.
  • The spiral spears will have a gap between two spears. Navigate through the gap to safety.
  • The spiral rebound spears are something you will have to watch out for during the end stages. You will have to maneuver through the gap between two spears and keep moving away to avoid the rebound attack.

That’s all the attacks that Undyne will use on you. So make sure you avoid these and attack him the best you can. Don’t forget the healing part at all as it will help you win this battle.

That’s all you need from this guide on how to beat Undyne the Undying in Undertale. While you are here, check out our other guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.

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