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Uncharted Movie: Tom Holland Gives An Update On His Film

Slowly but surely, work on the Uncharted movie is gaining momentum. In a short statement, Tom Holland, who slips into the role of Nathan Drake, gave us a brief update on the shooting.


The work on the Uncharted movie in recent years did not seem to be under a lucky star. Instead, there were always delays, for example, because the script was rewritten or the director in charge was replaced several times.

Most recently, work on the Uncharted movie finally seemed to get going. This is indicated by a short statement from Tom Holland at the start of the week, who slips into the role of the young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film adaptation.

As part of a Question-And-Answer session on the social media platform Instagram, Holland answered various questions from fans. Among other things, he went into the shooting of the Uncharted flick and pointed out that the shooting is currently going well. He also pointed out that we can obviously look forward to an exciting implementation of the video game template.

“Filming is going so well–the film is like everything I’ve ever dreamed it would be. I was such a huge fan of the game, and it’s been going so well. I do have the biggest bruise of all time on my leg, but it’s in a bit of a revealing area for Instagram Live. I think I would get shut down by Instagram. But it is a glorious bruise,” said Holland.

According to the current state of affairs, the US theatrical release of Uncharted will take place in October 2021. However, due to the current development of the Corona crisis, it remains to be seen whether this date will be kept.

The Uncharted movie sees itself as a prequel to the video games and focuses on a young version of the adventurer Nathan Drake. In particular, the first meeting between Nathan and his mentor Victor Sullivan, who is played by Mark Wahlberg, is one of the most important events that are discussed in the film.