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How Do I Get Unbanned In Genshin Impact? (2023)

Has your account been wrongly banned in Genshin Impact? Here's how to appeal to unban it.

Genshin Impact is a fantastic game to play online, especially with friends. But if you are using any external plugins or third-party software, there’s a chance that you might get banned. In such a scenario, here’s everything you need to know about how to appeal and unban your account in Genshin Impact.


How to Appeal to Unban Account in Genshin Impact

The only way to appeal to the Genshin Impact team to get your account unbanned is to send an email to customer support. The email you can contact is [email protected].

  • Launch Genshin Impact.

paimon menu feedback option

  • Open the Paimon Menu.
  • Click on the Feedback button.
  • This will take you to a website where you can click on the Account Issue button.

how to unblock account genshin

  • You should now see some preset questions, which are the most frequently asked ones. Click on “Why does my account indicate that it has been banned? How do I unblock it?”

how to unban account genshin

  • Here’s the response you will get: Justification for the account ban will be shown in the pop-up notice. If you have not committed any violations, you can request to be unblocked by sending your UID, server region and explanation to [email protected].

customer service email genshin


As you can see, only appeals from those who have not done something wrong while playing Genshin Impact will be accepted and your account will get unblocked or unbanned. However, sometimes, there could be an issue that could cause a ban by mistake and if you follow the above steps, it will get resolved. Plus, you may get a compensation as well.

In the terms and conditions of Genshin Impact/Hoyoverse, you will see that it is prohibited to engage in, directly or indirectly:

  • Applying cheating programs or any other malicious game programs.
  • Use of any unapproved payment methods.
  • Use of coarse language and bad behavior towards other users.
  • And inappropriate behavior overall.

If a player ends up doing any of these, they may get a warning, get suspended, get their login blocked, account banned or terminated temporarily or permanently. So, to avoid going getting your appeal rejected, make sure to avoid all the actions that might get your account banned.

That’s all about how to appeal to unban your account in Genshin Impact in case you were wrongly banned due to a bug.