Universal Music Group Collabs With Supersocial For Roblox Beat Galaxy

Universal Music Group now has its own game!

For the past few years, many luxury and famous brands have collaborated with Roblox, introducing experiences and adding virtual stores to their collections. Universal Music Group and the Supersocial have taken this to the next level. They have created a metaverse-native music discovery platform called Beat Galaxy. You might be wondering what is so special about this game and what exactly is innovative here. Let us dive into it to find out.

What Do UMG and Supersocial Beat Galaxy Offer?

What Do UMG and Supersocial Beat Galaxy Offer
Beat Galaxy Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

The concept of Beat Galaxy is to bring an immersive game where fans discover new artists and albums, all while riding the rhythm. It brings a track runner game where you have to collect the notes to score points. It can be played with multiple players in real-time. You will compete to get a rank on the leaderboard and earn fame to unlock more music tracks.

The environment of each track is different like the music itself; distribution of the notes and pace is dependent on it. They have used beat mapping technology to ensure that the transition from music to movement is smooth. It supports multiple devices, including Android, iOS, PC, and Meta Quest VR. Thanks to the technology and effort of the Supersocial, the controls are device-specific, allowing seamless gameplay.

There are many famous artists, like Glass Animals, Becky Hill, Kid Cudi, and more. As for the genre, you will find beats from the 90s to EDM, Pop, Rock, and Urban albums of today. We also find exclusive cosmetic items and titles for ranking in the leaderboard.

Future Plans of Universal Music Group for Beat Galaxy

According to them, it will act as more than just a rhythm game and music discovery hub, as they plan to make it serve as the venue for live concerts and have themed pop-up shops centered around those. Additionally, they will introduce an ability that will allow users to travel between virtual UMG worlds via portals.

Check out the Universal Music Group to learn more about the game and their plans. And if you are looking for more game news and updates, then you should follow us on Google News.