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UFC 3 Recommendations for Beginners

UFC 3 Tips

The popularity of the fighting game from Electronic Arts continues to persist since the fourth part has not yet been released. Many gamers ask how to win in UFC 3 and do a submission technique. In this UFC 3 guide, we will learn small tricks that increase your chances of winning.


How to Win the Round and Get the Fight of the Night Achievement

In the fight, a typical situation arises when the protagonist lies on his stomach, and the enemy pounces on top and does not allow him to get out. But there is a special mechanic that allows you to quickly get out of the situation. You need to take the gamepad and move the right fungus up, down, left, right, which will allow you to shift the indicator.

Just constantly monitor the endurance indicator so as not to miss the moment when you should make a similar move and win the opponent. Note that if the fight is won by the decision of the judging panel, then the gamer will be able to get a fight of the night achievement.

Best Tips for New Ufc 3 Players

During training, use physical therapy more actively, including scar removal and bathing. The result will be an increase in the survivability parameter, leading to many years of career success. It is known that the total number of fights of the hero is limited, which makes the game realistic.


If you lose three or more times in a row, you will be asked to switch to a lighter weight category. But this choice is not mandatory and completely depends on the choice of the player. And do not ignore the built-in training materials. They will help to improve your skills in a video game.