Ubisoft Executives Resign Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

A lot of Ubisoft top-level execs have resigned after the latest sexual harassment allegations came forward, names like Hascoet, Cornet, and Mallat have all resigned from their post. A lot of people were hoping to get clarification on this during today’s Ubisoft Forward event.

While Ubisoft did not touch on this subject during the event at all, they did give an explanation stating that the show was produced before these allegations surfaced and that a following an internal investigation would take place.

Ubisoft has stated that they will provide more details in the future about the sexual harassment claims and hopefully in the coming weeks we will have more clarity on the subject. A good amount of credit needs to be given to Ubisoft for acknowledging the complaints and taking action over it.

Ubisoft aims to make their workspace more welcoming and accepting and this is a strong indication that these things will no longer be tolerated. Hopefully, all the victims get their justice soon enough and the gaming community can get behind Ubisoft in their endeavor to do so.

Another alleged incident took place when Assassin’s Creed Valhalla director Ashraf Ismail recently stepped down from his post due to personal reasons, this has raised some issues and Ismail too has been a part of this scandal that has rocked the gaming industry.

While many people are still being affected, we hope to have a world somewhere that all people could work on their passions and deliver the best to their abilities. While the step-downs do not seem to have affected the development of any upcoming games, we shall know more as the games get released.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Ubisoft’s next game in the pipeline releasing later this year and we will be covering all about it right here on GamerTweak.