Ubisoft Forward Event Planned for Next Week, Journalist Claims

As Ubisoft has already confirmed, the second episode of Ubisoft Forward will take place this month. According to recent reports, it could be in the next week.

Due to the Corona crisis, those responsible at ESA decided to cancel this year’s offshoot of E3 without replacement. For this reason, the leading publishers rely on various digital events. For example, the French company launched the format called Ubisoft Forward, the first edition of the event which took place in July.

In addition to the presentation of selected titles, Ubisoft announced that further editions of events are planned. The next episode has been confirmed for September this year.

While the French company has not yet given a specific date, a well-known insider could have provided further details. We’re talking about the well-connected and reliable gaming journalist Jason Schreier, who reports via Twitter that the next episode of Ubisoft Forward will take place in the next week. This should at least have been confirmed by internal emails from the French company.

No information was given on the content presented in the context of the second Ubisoft Forward issue. In addition, Schreier pointed out that in times of COVID-19 there is of course the possibility that the whole thing will shift again at short notice.

Ubisoft itself has not yet wanted to comment or confirm Schreier’s information.