Join Us For A Week Of Celebration As The Crew Motorfest Unveils Details About The Collection Import Feature And Its Live Plans For Post-launch, Ahead Of The 21st-23rd July Closed Beta!

Ubisoft made multiple announcements regarding The Crew, during The Crew Summer Showcase. Sixteen years after the creation of the studio Ubisoft Ivory Tower, and with over 40 million players in The Crew franchise, the development team introduced the next milestones for The Crew 2 and its recently revealed new iteration: The Crew Motorfest.

The Crew Motorfest was introduced by Malu, the in-game festival’s PR, who shared more information about the multiplayer features and post-launch plans for the first year of the content of The Crew Motorfest. In addition to the recently revealed Playlists system, the game will offer a variety of new game modes, activities, and events for all car lovers. Every hour, Motorfest will host some head-to-head showdowns that will let players measure their driving skills against their peers. Starting with the Grand Race, a massive race with up to 28 players competing on randomly generated tracks all over the island. First to the finish line wins! For those who fancy a bit more mayhem, the Demolition Royale will make them crew up and prepare for the crash, as only one team will come out on top of this fierce confrontation.

But Motorfest’s festivities are just starting, with a program that will unroll and entertain all year long, including new Playlists, Summit Contests, guests, and celebrations. As in any festival, the Main Stage is where the action is. It gathers a selection of themed events and challenges, supported by a hand-picked vehicle lineup and famous guests such as professional drivers, tuners, and content creators. The first guest to be revealed is no other than the notorious Hoonigan, who will be joining in Season 2 with their special project vehicles. Every four months, a new season infused with a distinct car culture fantasy will unfold, with new Motorfest Main Stage activities introduced each month.

Players eager to get a glimpse of this amazing world and activities can still register for the upcoming Closed Beta, available for console and PC players, that will take place between 21st-23rd July: https://thecrewgame.com/closed-beta

The Crew 2 players also learned more about the Collection Import feature, which will allow them to import the collection of the vehicle they passionately built over the years to The Crew Motorfest for free. This feature will be compatible with most vehicles and vanities purchased or unlocked before the end of The Crew 2 Season 8, while Season 9 content will be available for import later. The Collection Import is fully optional and players who prefer to start fresh will have the option to begin their Motorfest adventure from scratch.

Lastly, today The Crew 2 also celebrated its 5th anniversary, and the team proudly presented their plans for the upcoming Year 6 live content. Starting with season 9, coming on 5th July, which will introduce a long-awaited feature: The Race Creator. This tool will give players the opportunity to create and share their own races with their community, directly while free roaming in TC2’s world. They will have the possibility to apply their own rules, categories, and modifiers (car model or brand, traffic, weather, time of day…) to craft their dream races and let fans vote for their favorite creations! The first of two Season 9 episodes will introduce new American Legends stories and events, which will give The Crew 2 players the opportunity to cruise the country for an epic treasure hunt behind the wheel of legendary 4-wheelers such as the Bugatti Chiron Sport 300+ Divine Edition (Hypercar), the Ford Mustang Boss 429 Lime Edition (Street Race), the Chevrolet Camaro RS Ghost Edition (Street Race) or the Nissan GT-R Haru Edition (Street Race). These racing quests all over the U.S. mainland, and particularly the Road to O’ahu event, will lead players to discover details and backstory tied to the next installment of the franchise: The Crew Motorfest. Players will be able to test all those new features during a TC2 Free Weekend, spanning from 6th – 10th July, on PC and consoles!