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Potential Of This Universe Is Fantastic – Ubisoft CEO On Beyond Good & Evil 2

Yves Guillemot shared some insights on its upcoming game


We had heard not really much about Beyond Good & Evil 2 from Ubisoft from a very long time. The game brings a fantastic world of fancy creatures and a massive open world universe locked into our imagination after watching the preview videos. If you want a new update on this then we have something new directly coming from Ubisoft CEO.

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in an interview with IGN shared little but valuable info on Beyond Good & Evil 2 which is a prequel to 2003 title. What he said does not reveal the games release date or any other vital info, however, he pointed towards the potential of Beyond Good & Evil 2 universe.

“I spoke with Michel last week about it to see where it was going; how we should move in one or another direction,” Guillemot said in a video that was apparently recorded in March. “We see the potential of this universe is fantastic, and Michel is really passionate [about it]. It’s going to be fantastic, I think.”

To refresh watch the Gameplay Update video that tells a lot about Beyond Good &Evil 2 world, game mechanics, enemies, weapons, space ships, environment, etc.

Another video where the Dev Team answers tons of question on Beyond Good &Evil.

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