Type Race Simulator Codes For May 2024

Redeem Type Race Simulator codes for free Keys and Boosts.

Type Race Simulator codes give you the Keys and Boosts. With these, you will get sufficient wpm to defeat the starter enemies. The game lets you use both auto-type and manual, so if you want to increase your typing speed, this fun experience would be a good choice. After winning a few matches and collecting Coins, you can activate the Luck boost and hatch the best pets. 

Those can then be equipped to speed up your training and win faster. Furthermore, the Coins will be useful in the purchase of Keyboards and Rebirth, so you can apply the Win Boost while fighting. Now, if you are not sure about the redemption method, you should follow the steps given right below the active code list.

Note: Last checked for new codes on May 22, 2024.

All Type Race Simulator Codes

All Type Race Simulator Codes List
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These are the active codes you redeem for free rewards:

  • 5KLIKES – Redeem this code for 200 Keys and +1 (2x Luck) Boost
  • 4KLIKES – Redeem this code for 200 Keys and +1 (2x Wins) Boost
  • 2KLIKES – Redeem this code for 200 Keys and +1 (2x Wins) Boost
  • RELEASE – Redeem this code for +1 (2x Speed) Boost

How to Redeem Type Race Simulator Codes

Redeem Type Race Simulator Codes
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Use these steps to redeem all the codes and get rewards:

  1. Start the game in Roblox and let it load.
  2. On the bottom left, you will find the Codes button. Press that to open the textbox.
  3. Paste the valid ones and hit Submit.
  4. You will see reward details on the screen.

Where to Find More Codes?

The game’s description has the recent codes and milestones for the upcoming ones. As for the old ones, you can check their Discord and Twitter for them. Alternatively, you can save this, as we keep our guides updated for the players.

With this, we conclude our how to find and redeem Type Race Simulator codes guide. If you found this fun, then you should check these out: