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What Is A Two Way Player In MLB The Show 23?

Let's look at what a Two Way Player does in The Show 23.

The beloved baseball game series MLB The Show is back with its yearly sequel. It looks like the developer  San Diego Studio have heard all the praise and criticism the previous installment garnered, using their time to improve the game in nearly every aspect. One of the major improvements is an upgrade to the career mode of the game, where players can make their own Ballplayer. But what is a Two Way Player in MLB The Show 23?

MLB The Show 23 – Two Way Player Update

what is two way player in MLB The Show 23

Two Way Player refers to the position your Ballplayer can pick. Over the years, the best part of The Show series has always been its career mode. Players can embark on a journey to the major league as an up-and-coming Ballplayer. When you start to make your own Ballplayer for the Road to The Show mode, you’ll have a choice to select your player’s position. You can choose to be a Pitcher, Position Player, or Two Way Player. Pitchers will solely focus on throwing out all the best pitches they have up their sleeves. While Position Players will be relied on for the rest of the responsibilities of the team, infielder, outfielder, or catcher.

But Two Way Player lets you play as both. You can now play as a pitcher and hitter in the same match. This is a notable change from the previous title where you were a Two Way Player in name only. After you pick the Two Way Player option. You can now choose what area of your position you’ll focus on. The Two Way Player option is best suited for new players who want to experience all the game can offer.

That’s all we have on what is a Two Way Player in MLB The Show 23. For more tips on the game check out our MLB The Show 23 Guides section here on Gamer Tweak.