Twitch Turbo Price Change – Ad Free Streams To Get Expensive

Shreyansh Shah
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Twitch Turbo is undergoing a price change and to be fair, users are not liking it one bit. The ad-free service of the streaming platform, Twitch Turbo is getting expensive, and that has led to a lot of criticism from users. On Thursday, subscribers were notified of this change via email and since then there have been a lot of complaints. How will Twitch respond to these is something to look forward to in the upcoming days.

Twitch Turbo Monthly Subscription Price Change

Price Change Twitch Turbo Monthly Sub
Image Source: Dini7S (Reddit User)

The streaming giants on Thursday announced that the price of Twitch Turbo will change from $8.99 to $11.99. While the price has only changed by 25% in the US, other countries are seeing jumps of around 50% in the monthly subscription cost. As a result, the r/Twitch Subreddit is filled with threads of complaints. It is quite clear that the monthly subscribers are not happy with the change in price. If you are looking for the renewed Twitch Turbo monthly prices, you can check them out here.

In the email that notified the users of the price change, it was also mentioned that the current rate will stick for three months. However, users need to renew their Twitch Turbo subscription by August 31 or it will stop renewing. Most of the monthly subscribers are against it and some have already decided to stop their subscription.

However, there are a few subscribers who are citing the hike as justifiable for the features available. Along with that, Twitch has also confirmed that they are bringing exciting updates along the way. So it might be that the Twitch Turbo price change might turn out to bring new additions to the monthly subscription.

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