Twitch Creates A Broadcasting Software Twitch Studio To Help New Streamers

Prasad More
2 Min Read

Streaming games online has been one of the latest ways people have started to make a name for themselves and Twitch seems to be trying to help upcoming streamers by introducing a new broadcasting software titled, Twitch Studio.

Until now streamers had to use third-party software to bring all the gaming footage, their reactions, and audio together and compile it, Twitch’s new software Twitch Studio will do exactly that for the new streamers who want to join the big community.

Twitch director of product management Cheng Cheng was talking to Verge and he said. “We’ve been listening to our users give us feedback, talk about their experience, how they started streaming, how they progress, and one really consistent pain point was that multiplayer entertainment is really fun, it’s really engaging, but the bar to really get started is quite high.”

Twitch Studios will guide new streamers on how to get their games up and running to the platform as quickly as possible which means that we will likely see more streamers coming up.

Twitch Studio will also provide players with few basic templates on how to set yo and customize their streams to get the best possible look with community-building tools including activity feed and alerts when a new follower joins in.

Twitch Studios is available now but in a closed beta mode and you can sign up for that if you wish, you will need a set up which includes Windows 7 or newer.

Source: Verge

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