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Twitch Bits Guide: How Much Are They Worth & How To Buy Them

Here is the complete guide you need on Twitch Bits, what are they, their worth, and how to buy them.

Although Youtube and Facebook Gaming have been riding the wave of live game streaming, Twitch still remains one of the user’s preferred options. While it is not only one of the top live streaming platforms, it also offers users a lot of diverse methods to support their streamer of choice. Twitch Bits are one such method that adds a little difference and innovation to the normal form of donations. This guide is all you need for Twitch Bits, what are they, how to buy them, and how much are they worth.


What are Twitch Bits and How to Buy Them?

How to Buy Twitch Bits and What are they Worth

Bits are small amounts of tokens that you can use in the streaming platform. Since most streamers do not have a donation account set, you can donate Bits to them. Additionally, some streamers even prefer Bits instead of direct donations. For each 100 Bits you donate, Twitch gives the Streamer 1$.


Twitch allows you to cheer a streamer which can be done with Twitch Bits. To Cheer on Twitch, all you have to do is type “Cheer” in chat and then mention the number you want to send. The higher your number of Bits is, the more animated emotes or cheermotes will be visible.

If you are wondering how to buy Twitch Bits, head over to the link mentioned, and then select one of the packages. Additionally, you can go to an individual streamer’s channel and select from various cheermotes and donate them with Bits. You can purchase the packages using Amazon Payments and Paypal.

What is their Worth? Bits to USD Calculator


While the Bits are worth 1 Cent each, that is not the purchase price. Twitch sells packages in the variants of 100, 500, 1500, 5000, 10000, and 25000 Bits, each giving you additional emotes. Although the technical cost of 100 Bits should be 1$, the actual price is 1.40$. This is how Twitch earns. While it keeps 40 cents for itself in a transaction for 100 Bits, it gives the 1$ to the Streamer. You can refer to the chart below to understand the price and worth of Twitch Bits, a basic Bits to USD calculator.

Pack Worth Price
100 Bits 1.00$ 1.40$
500 Bits 5.00$ 7.00$
1500 Bits 15.00$ 19.95$
5000 Bits 50.00$ 64.40$
10000 Bits 100.00$ 126.00$
25000 Bits 250.00$ 308.00$

Do Twitch Bits Expire?


The answer is No. While there is no expiration date on them, there is a limit to the amount you can have at one point of time. You cannot hold more than 250,000 Bits at one time. If you have the max limit, you can support a streamer and donate it to them.

That’s all you need from this Twitch Bits guide, what are they, how to buy them, and how much are they worth. While you are here, make sure you check out our guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.