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How to Complete Twisted Realm Domain Challenges in Genshin Impact?

Here is a guide on how to clear Domain of Deceit in Energy Amplifier Event?

Energy Amplifier Event in Genshin Impact unlocks various new challenges for the players. Twisted Realm Domain is one of the places where you will have to complete different challenges. Each challenge has amazing rewards waiting in the end. To complete these challenges you will have to clear up certain objectives. For example collect points, defeat opponents, etc. With these, there will be Monsters in the challenge. In this guide, I am going to help you with completing the Domain of Deceit Challenge in the Twisted Realm Domain.

How to complete Domain of Deceit Challenges?


Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Location

Twisted Realm is located in Minlinm, in the southeast of Nantianmen. If you do not know how to find Twisted Realm in Genshin Impact then refer to the map image above. The exact location is marked on the map screenshot. Look for a blue door on the edge of the mountain, enter it and you will see all the challenges. They are:

  1. Domain of Deceit
  2. Domain of Furious Thunder
  3. Domain of Chaos
  4. Domain of Heresy


All challenges come with different difficulty settings. From easy to expert, play it multiple times to unlock better rewards. For Domain of Deceit, watch out for defeated enemies. They drop high-energy crystal that explodes when you are near to them. It will cause Geo DMG so avoid them. From the Select Difficulty button, you can adjust the following difficulty level.

  • Time Limit to Obtain Points.
  • Opponents HP Increase Rate.
  • Challenge Criteria.

Depending on these three settings the Points, in the end, will change. If you go on the expert mode you can earn around 5000 Points. Set the same and click on start to begin playing Domain of Deceit challenges. Follow the tips below to win this challenge.


Genshin Impact Domain of Deceit

  1. Consumables are allowed in Twisted Realms. You can eat and drink potions.
  2. You can Exit the challenge anytime you want, but if you enter all enemies will be revived.
  3. You can play with a friend, invite them to join the world.
  4. Geovishaps and Geovishap Hatchlings are the toughest to beat.
  5. Use the Energy Amplifiers.
  6. Energy dropping high energy core will have a radius, stay out of the range.
  7. Keep a shielder in your Team. It will help you to be the Geovishaps.

Twisted Realm is not easy for new players, there are different difficulty levels, and it’s really hard. Do not forget to keep on trying the challenges on different levels. There are going to be a lot of tips and tricks on Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Event. Refer to the link for more details.