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How To Turn Off Cuff’s Dialogue In Forspoken?

Annoyed by the unwanted commentary from the Cuff in Forspoken? Check out this guide to know the steps to get him talk less.

Lost in the unfamiliar world of Athia, you have to deal with several unknown creatures. These merciless foes won’t be decimated by fists, you need sort of bigger equipment to deal with them. Well, you surely do wear a Cuff (Bracelet) which is the ultimate source of your strength. You are able to perform jaw-dropping parkour tricks and cast devastating magical spells to overpower the enemy. Although, the only downside is that the Cuff talks a lot and it becomes annoying after a while. However, there’s a way through which you get the Cuff to talk less by reducing its dialogue in Forspoken. Wondering how? Check out this guide to know.

How To Get Cuff Speak Less in Forspoken?

The tirelessly speaking Cuff can make it difficult to concentrate with its annoying dialogues. In such cases, it becomes necessary to somehow make him speak less. Here’s how to reduce Cuff’s Dialogue to the minimum possible settings in Forspoken:

How To Turn Off Cuff's Dialogue In Forspoken

  • While in the Main Menu screen, enter the in-game Settings.
  • Further, navigate and click on the Accessibility tab.
  • From there, scroll down and locate the Cuff Settings under which you can find a variety of options.
  • Anyways, all you got to do is switch the Cuff Chat Setting to Minimal.
  • This will make the Cuff speak rarely in Forspoken.
  • Moreover, there are other settings like Low, Default, or Higher that can adjust Cuff’s dialogues respectively.

There is no doubt that the talking bracelet is very helpful, but its sarcastic commentary breaks down even in between random scenarios. But don’t worry, reducing the Cuff’s dialogue in Forspoken will still allow it to guide you in between battles. Well, you probably don’t want to miss out on the basics of combat, right?

That covers everything on how to reduce Cuff’s Dialogue in Forspoken. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Forspoken Guides on Gamer Tweak.