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True Piece Perks: What Do They Do?

All you need to know about Roblox True Piece perks.

True Piece is a really fun game to play by itself, however, you can increase the excitement with the help of some unique boosts known as perks. Perks help you by giving your abilities a boost, helping you progress even faster in the game. This makes the game all the more exciting. If you are looking to learn all you can about these perks, you need not look any further. In this guide, we will show you all there is to know about these unique boosts.

These codes are working as of August 26, 2022, when we checked. But Roblox codes tend to expire in 2 to 3 days. We will be updating new codes as they are released.

Roblox True Piece Perks – All You Need To Know About Boosts


Common Perks in True Piece

  • Runner: As the name suggests, the runner perk helps you boos your base movement speed. This perk will enable you to move faster without any effort.
  • Luck: The Luck perk in True Piece will enhance your chances of a critical strike.
  • Vitality: The Vitality perk will give you an additional 20 base health.

Rare Perks

  • Enhanced Moon Walk: With this perk, you will receive extra moonwalk charges. It will also decrease your cooldown.
  • Enhanced Finger Gun: The Enhanced Finger Gun will lower your skill cooldown. It will increase the finger gun damage and the chances of a passive critical strike.
  • Rankyaku (Enhanced): This perk will increase rankyaku damage while also reducing cooldown.
  • Enhanced Paper Arts: This perk will enhance your chances for the paper body to activate.
  • Enhanced Iron Body: With the help of the Enhanced Iron Body perk, you will be able to enhance your block power. You will also get more passive armor.
  • Instant Transmission (Enhanced): This perk gives you extra range, and also reduces the cooldown.

Legendary Perks

  • Advanced Kenbunshoku: This perk will reduce the haki cost for dodges.
  • Advanced Busoshoku: With this perk, you will be able to use full-body Haki. It requires 400 Buso Mastery. You will also get extra HP.
  • Weapon Busoshoku (Advanced): This perk gives you weapons aura and a power boosy along with activated haki.
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku: When passive, this perk buffs all Haoshoku uses. It increases range and reduces cooldown time. When active, you can use one non-haki draining per spawn.

Godly Perk

  •  Strawhat Haoshoku: This perk gives you automatic Haoshoku when you are low on health.

These are all of the perks in Roblox True Piece. As you can now see, these perks can help you get great boosts and bonuses to your abilities, helping you perform well. If you liked this guide, check out our guides for your favorite Roblox games.