Where To Get Trishiraite In Genshin Impact (Location Guide)

Check out how to get Trishiraite in Genshin Impact.

With the release of the version 3.6 update for Genshin Impact, players are looking for locations to find Trishiraite. In this action RPG, there are many materials that you can collect. You can use these materials to craft tools, upgrade weapons, or ascend characters. Since the game has many strong bosses, it is important that you constantly upgrade your characters. In the new update, Trishiraite will be important to ascend characters and we will tell you the farm routes to get it.

Genshin Impact: Trishiraite Location and Where to Farm It

Trishiraite location on Genshin Impact map
Map Source: Genshin Impact interactive map

In Genshin Impact, players can find Trishiraite in the Girdle of the Sand region of the Sumeru Desert. This material is spread across this region as shown in the map above. To get Trishiraite, head over to the following locations:

  • Tunigi Hollow
  • Temir Mountains
  • Gate of Zulkarnain
  • Ashipattravana Swamp
  • Hills of Barsom
  • Vorukasha Oasis

Tunigi Hollow

The Tunigi Hollow region is where you will find Trishiraite in abundance. However, most of the ore is located underground.

Temir Mountains

This is the first place where you can look for Trishiraite if you enter through the Sands of Three Canals. You can find it next to the water body near the entrance.

Gate of Zulkarnain

Right next to the Tunigi Hollow region, you can find the Gate of Zulkarnaine. This is the westernmost part of the desert. You can collect a few ores over there.

Ashipattravana Swamp

Next, you can find this ore in the region between the Ashipattravana Swamp and the Samudra Coast.

Hills of Barsom

In the Hills of Barsom region, you can find Trishiraite ores next to the Underground entrance and a few in the underground.

Vorukasha Oasis

In the Vorukasha Oasis, you can find this item next to the path to the west.

How to Farm Trishiraite in Genshin Impact (Routes)

Trishiraite underground farm route entrances
Map Source: Genshin Impact interactive map

The best route to farm Trishiraite is the interconnected tunnels in the Tunigi Hollow region. You can find the entrances through the Gate of Zulkarnaine or the Tunigi Hollow as marked on the map. To mine this ore, you must use Klee, Razor & Zhongli’s elemental skill, or Claymore attacks. You can collect the ore once you break it.

That’s everything from us on the Trishiraite location and farm routes in Genshin Impact. For more such content like Chloris location, make sure you visit our GI guides section.