Tribes Of Midgard: How To Get Golden Horns

This is how to get and use Golden Horns in Tribes of Midgard.

Getting the Golden Horns in Tribes of Midgard can be a bit tricky if you are not sure where to look for them. You can use them at crafting stations, in the shop, and in more places in-game. So if you are wondering how to obtain this rare currency in the game then we will help you in this guide.

How to Get Golden Horns in Tribes of Midgard

You can get Golden Horns in Tribes of Midgard, by progressing through the Season, fighting Jötnar, fulfilling Achievement Challenges in-game, raiding Bosses & Enemies, and finishing each Run session.

What are Golden Horns in Tribes of Midgard

Let’s look at each method in a bit more detail.

Progressing through the Season

You unlock the tiers of what is basically a Battle Pass as you level up your profile. You will get Golden Horns as you progress through the season’s tiers. Select the Rewards tab from the main menu. You’ll see a list of fifty tiers to advance through, with a total of 40 Golden Horns to earn.

Slaying Jötnar, Bosses & Enemies

The most common way to obtain Golden Horns while playing is to defeat Jötnar. For conquering each Jötnar you will earn 1 Golden Horn, and for beating the Saga Boss, you will get 5 Golden Horns. They spawn every few days and might be hard to beat if you aren’t well-equipped or don’t have enough teammates with yourself. Golden Horns can be dropped at any time by the different opponents you will meet throughout the game. Although it looks to be a rather uncommon drop, this is one technique to obtain them.

Do Achievements Challenges to Get Golden Horns

You’ll discover a range of tasks on the Progress tab of the main menu. You may complete them for various prizes. Golden Horns are one of the prizes. Go to the progress tab from the main menu to see a list of Achievement tasks. Examine all of the class, Challenges, and saga tasks for assignments to perform in order to gain horns.

Finish Each Run Session

When you finish a Run, you will occasionally be rewarded with Golden Horns. This will happen while departing via the Bifrost or when the Yggdrasil is destroyed.

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