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Trials of Mana Demo Removed from Steam following Full Game Exploit

Even though the full game of Trials of Mana is available from the last few days, a demo was also available for the players who were in doubt to purchase the game before testing it. However, an exploit in the demo version of the game made the entire title suddenly playable, so it was quickly taken offline again.

Square Enix announced through a post on Steam that the demo has been taken offline due to the following issues: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to temporarily take the Trials of Mana Demo on Steam offline, we hope to have it back up again very soon.”


These circumstances meant that smart players had found a way to play the entire game from the demo. Of course, Square Enix was not waiting for this. It seems for the time being that this exploit only worked on the PC version. The full version could be made available by copying a number of files.

At the moment it is not known if the demo will be re-proposed or not at a later time, perhaps with a system that prevents this exploit. Such a thing had happened with the Detroit Become Human demo, but in that case, after two weeks, the demo returned to being available on the Epic Games Store.

The demo itself was pretty full-bodied, and pirates had an insight on how to take advantage of the files in it to play the full version. Needless to say at this point that what turned out to be an intuition turned out to be correct, to the point that it forced the Japanese publisher to run for cover by canceling the demo. In any case, the demo will be back soon when a solution is found. Also, the progress made by players will be carried over to the full game, despite the exploit.