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Fortnite Will Soon Host A Travis Scott Concert Event

Fortnite has always dabbled in pop culture so much that it is now shaping it, Fortnite reached its peak when last year they hosted an in-game concert for Marshmellow and it looks like they’re trying to up the ante one more time with a Travis Scott concert.

Travis Scott is a world-renowned rap artist who has millions of fans and has been creating music for some time now, it was leaked a long time back about Epic Games wanting to host a Travis Scott concert but materialized and it looks like the time is now.

The venue for the concert’s center stage is being constructed on the island and you can find them between Sweaty Sands and the Shark. It looks like this could only be a couple of weeks away.

The exact time and date are yet to be announced but going through past events the concert might be held in the first week of May.

Fortnite has pulled off similar highly engaging events with the campaign for Avengers movies, Star Wars, and John Wick events.

With the announcement, players will probably get a new set of challenges and skins that will replicate Scott’s persona on stage.

This just in, there has been a leak of the trailer for the Travis Scott Fortnite Concert, the leak was first posted by twitter handle @FortniteINTEL, you can check out the tweet below.

It looks now it is only a couple of days until Epic announces this news officially and we will keep you updated with more Fortnite events and challenges only on GamerTweak.