How To Transport Villagers In Minecraft

Want to transport villagers across Minecraft? Then read this article to find the best ways you can do so.

Transporting villagers in Minecraft can be a tricky task. You will need to do so to move them to different locations for various purposes. In this article, we will show you how to do so.

How to Move Villagers in Minecraft?

To learn how you can shift villagers from one location to another, check out the steps below:

There are several different mediums of transport you can use to get villagers from one place of Minecraft to the other.

Using Rail Tracks to Transport Villagers in Minecraft

rail minecraft

  • This is a great way to transport large numbers of villagers at once.
  • To successfully implement this medium of transport, you will first need to set up the entire railway track.
  • You will need to trap a villager in a small space before you set up the track.
  • Some of the disadvantages of using rail are the high costs and resources required to set it up. It can also be quite difficult to trap a villager.


boats minecraft

  • Using a boat is one of the most efficient methods to transport villagers across locations.
  • One of the best parts of using a boat is the fact you can even use them on land without losing a lot of speed. Sailing on a water body is still the quickest way to use the boat.
  • Boats are perfect when you need to move one villager at a time.
  • It works well for most distances too.
  • The only con with using a boat is the fact you cannot move it upwards.

Doing Jobs

  • You can use this method to make a villager move up a block when you use boats.
  • If you want to get the villager to move, place a job site near it.
  • Once the villager spots the site, it will move towards it and begin changing its job.
  • While this is a good method to move villagers move up blocks, it is only best used with boats.
  • It is also recommended to not use this method when covering large distances.

This brings us to the end of this article on how to transport villagers over distances in Minecraft. You can choose to use any one of these methods based on your needs.

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