FIFA 23 Transfer Limit Issue: Is There A Possible Fix?

Check out this guide to know about the Transfer Limit Issue in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Web App.

FIFA 23 is all set for its official launch on 30th September with some major updates and features. Recently, the developers rolled out a Web App that lets you build your dream team using the Transfer Market. You can sign new stars or sell your unwanted players to any other player on the internet. Transfer Market is the feature on the Web App that lets you do such activities. However, players encountered several issues while accessing this new FIFA Web App. Earlier it was a log-in issue and now players are haunted by another error. There was a Transfer Limit issue experienced by the players while trying to use the Transfer Market in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Web App. Here’s what you should know about this issue for a better look if you are a FIFA player too.

Transfer Limit Issue in FIFA 23 Web App

FIFA 23 Transfer Limit Issue

Transferring a player means, either you sign some players for your club, or you sell them to another person. As mentioned earlier, the signing and selling of players are done through Transfer Market. However, the Transfer Market lets you do this activity until a certain limit. Players were expecting a Transfer Limit of 100 Players so that they can create their dream team to challenge players worldwide. Although, an unintentional mistake from the developers’ team reduced the Transfer Limit to 30 players.

This Transfer Limit issue in FIFA 23 Web App was brought to light by players all around the globe. Thereafter, the developers looked into this matter personally and accepted this mistake by tweeting about it. Players sighed in relief when they heard about it being fixed in the next patch update.

Since players find fixes for almost every issue or bug experienced, they found a fix for this Transfer Limit issue pretty quick too. However, I do not recommend using that fix as it included messing up with the coding of the Web App. This may be considered cheating and there’s a chance you might face a ban. The only way to tackle this issue as of now is to wait for the official patch update.

That’s all covered for the Transfer Limit Issue in FIFA 23. Since the developers are working on this issue, meanwhile, check out our other FIFA 23 guides.

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