FIFA 23: How To Transfer FIFA Points – Can You Transfer It Back?

Here's a guide on how to Transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is back and the game looks like a major upgrade on its predecessors. With the HyperMotion 2 Gaming Technology, FIFA comes quite close to real-world football. And this upgrade is not just in the sense of Graphics, the AI motion and movement, the upgrades in attacking, skills, dribbling, and defending can be seen quite clearly. While players are excited about the launch of the FIFA 23 FUT Web App, they are worried about their remaining FIFA 22 points. The good news is that you can transfer these points and this guide is all you need for that. So let’s check out this guide and see how to transfer FIFA points in FIFA 23.

How to Transfer FIFA Points in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Transfer FIFA Points

While the good news is that FIFA Points can be transferred, there is also the bad news that it cannot be done with the FUT Web App. If you want to Transfer FIFA points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23, you will have to log in to FIFA 23 from your console or PC. This means that you will have to wait for the official launch to happen.

Can I Transfer FIFA points back to FIFA 22?

No, once you transfer the FIFA Points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23, you cannot transfer them back. If you want FIFA Points in your FIFA 22, you will have to re-purchase it all over again. So before you transfer the FIFA points, make sure that this is what you want.

Can I Transfer FIFA Points to Different Console Family?

No, you cannot crossplay with your FIFA Points. You will have to belong to the same console family while you log in to your FIFA 23. For instance, you can transfer them from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 on Xbox Series X / S. But you cannot transfer points from FIFA 22 on Xbox Series X / S to FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5.

Can I Carry Over My Progress from FIFA 22?

While you can transfer your points and FUT Club Profile, you cannot carry over your progress. Even if you achieved great heights in FIFA 22, that data will not come on board the FIFA 23. While this does sound disappointing, EA Sports wants you to grind equally in this game.

That’s all there is on how to Transfer FIFA points in FIFA 23. While you are here, make sure you check out our FIFA 23 guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.