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All Traits In Roblox Anime Adventures

Not familiar with the Traits in Roblox Anime Adventures? Then, here's all you need to know about it.

Good rarity Traits in Roblox Anime Adventures can surely make your powerful units even more powerful. This works as a modifier in the game, that focuses on buffing up your character’s stats. It not only increases the Damage of the unit but also helps you with the SPA & Range. Sometimes, units you roll or obtain via portal already comes with a trait equipped. And if you’re lucky enough then you may also get 2 different types of traits on one unit. However, if you’re not happy with the traits you’ve equipped, then there’s even a reroll option, which we’ll talk about later. With that said, let’s take a look at the list of Traits available in the game.

List of All Traits in Anime Adventures

List of All Traits in Anime Adventures roblox every trait explained drop rate
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Here’s a list of all the Traits that you can get in Roblox Anime Adventures. Before you dive into it, don’t forget these modifiers have a drop rate that you must keep in mind while rerolling for a new trait.

  • Divine 0.2% Drop Chance
    • Gives 20% Damage Inflicted Boost, 20% Range Boost, & 10% SPA reduction.
  • Celestial 0.36% Drop Chance
    • Gives a 10% Range & 10% Damage Boost, along with an extra 20% True Damage Buff.
  • Golden 0.15% Drop Chance
    • Adds 20% extra Yen to the winning amount and 30% Damage buff.
  • Reaper 0.8% Drop Chance
    • Increases Damage Inflicted to normal enemies by 15%, furthermore increases 25% more Damage Inflicted to Boss enemies.
  • Unique 0.1% Drop Chance
    • Gives 300% Damage Buff, 10% SPA, & 10% Range Boost. Only one unit of this trait can be placed and the buffs can only be enjoyed by the unit owner.
  • Nimble 24.98% Drop Chance
    • Decreases SPA by 5% at level 1, 7.5% at level 2, & 12% at level 3.
  • Superior 29.97% Drop Chance
    • Increases Damage inflicted by 10% at level 1, 12.5% at level 2, & 15% at level 3.
  • Range 24.98% Drop Chance
    • Increases the Range of the attacks by 10% at level 1, 12.5% at level 2, & 15% at level 3.
  • Adept 9.99% Drop Chance
    • Grants the unit 50% extra XP, allowing them to level up faster.
  • Culling 5% Drop Chance
    • Gives 20% Damage inflicted boosts when the enemies have low health.
  • Godspeed 1% Drop Chance
    • Gives a 20% SPA Reduction, allowing the unit to attack quickly.
  • Sniper 2.5% Drop Chance
    • Gives a 25% Range Boost to the unit.

As mentioned earlier, the players can change their unit’s traits and get new ones by rerolling in the game. If you’re not sure how you can do it, then scroll down for details.

How to Reroll Traits in Roblox Anime Adventures

How to Reroll Traits in Roblox Anime Adventures unlock new trait for units

If the trait you currently have is not that good, then you can reroll it by following the steps below.

  1. First, launch the Anime Adventures game on Roblox.
  2. Next, head to the Evolution area where Beerus is.
  3. Outside that area, you’ll find NPC named Wis.
  4. Interact with him and select the Unit whose trait you want to reroll.
  5. After that, pay the price of the Reroll via, Robux Reroll, Reroll Tokens, or Star Remnant.
  6. And then, you’ll end up with a random Trait that you can reroll again.

If there are any new traits added to the game, we’ll keep this guide updated for you. So don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D.

That sums up all about the list of Traits available in Roblox Anime Adventures. If you’re running low on Gems, then check out how you can farm it. Also, take a look at the Anime Adventures Codes Wiki to get free rewards.