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Elden Ring Cheats – Trainers & Cheat Engine For PC Guide

Wondering if you can use trainers or cheats for Elden Ring on your PC to make the game a bit easy? Check out this guide to learn more.

Elden Ring is a difficult game like most FromSoftware games, hence many people are looking for trainers or cheats for PC. In case you don’t know a cheat engine or a trainer allows you to modify your character’s attributes by giving them more health, stamina, strength, and more. These are sought out because you can save your farming time by instantly boosting these stats thus making them game a whole lot easier. Now that you know its use, let us quickly check if Elden Ring does have any trainer or cheat engines and if you can use cheats in this game.

Elden Ring Cheats, Trainers, and Cheat Engines for PC


elden ring cheats and trainer

Elden Ring does not have any official cheats, cheat engines, or trainers. By official, I am referring to the ability to use cheats natively in the game. Many games allow players to enter a cheat code or press buttons in a certain combo to use cheats. But that is not the case with Elden Ring. While there is no official way, there are still some external third-party trainers available that you can use in this game.

Below are some of the stats that you can change when using a trainer for Elden Ring.


  • Infinite Health
  • Change Runes
  • Infinite Stamina
  • One Hit Kills
  • Infinite FP
  • Unlimited Consumables
  • Get Material Multiplier
  • Unlimited Equipment Load
  • SuperSpeed
  • Modify stats for:

    • Level
    • Vigor
    • Mind
    • Endurance
    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Intelligence
    • Faith
    • Arcane

Remember, NEVER use cheats, cheat engines, or trainers if you get them from unknown sources. There are multiple reasons for it. The first is you can lose your account or progress. Many games have online functionality, this applies to Elden Ring as well. Using unfair means to level up will give you an advantage in PvP and the game can decide to ban you. The other consequence could be you using all of your progress. And lastly, the cheat engine could be a virus that can corrupt your system or steal your data.

Now you know both the perks of using a trainer and the risks that come with it. If you still feel the tradeoff is worth it then you could try using a trainer.


That sums up this guide on whether you can use cheats in Elden Ring and if Trainers & Cheat engines exist for PC. If you feel the trainer isn’t worth using then you can always check our guides for Elden Ring. And for more things gaming check out Gamer Tweak.