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Is There A Fix For Trading Post Bug In New World?

Read this guide to find out if there is a fix for the Trading Post bug in New World.

New World players have recently come across a bug in the Trading Post that has turned out to be rather inconvenient and annoying. The said bug results in players losing the gold that they were should have gotten from any sales. This bug has driven a lot of players to voice their grievances on social media platforms. If you are one of those that have come across this bug and are looking for a fix, we’ve got just the article for you. We will find out if there is a fix available for this issue or not.

New World Trading Post Bug Fix Available?


As of now, unfortunately, there is no official fix for the Trading Post bug in New World. Thankfully, the developers of the game have acknowledged the presence of the bug and its resultant damage to players’ progress. The developers are working on a fix which should hopefully come soon.

In the meanwhile, keep reading to learn more about this bug and how it affects players.

What is the Bug?

As we mentioned earlier, the Trading Post bug causes players to lose all the gold or items they should have received from sales carried out by them. Players have also experienced getting blocked from active contracts.

Another issue is the blocking of players from transferring gold and items because of active contracts. This happens even if the said contracts appear to be closed.

When explaining about the bug and the announcement of work on a fix, the developers have also told all players that they will receive the gold and items they would have earned had it not been for the bug. This means if you may have lost any money, you need not worry about anything.

Also, considering the fact that the developers are already working on a fix, you can expect an official solution in the form of an update or a patch soon. In the meanwhile, you can check out our guide on how to Fix the vcruntime 140_1.dll Error in New World.