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Roblox Tower Of Hell: How To Get All Badges

Here's how to get every badge in Tower of Hell.

If you play Tower of Hell in Roblox, you probably want to know how to get all badges in the game. There are a few conditions you have to fulfill which can be a bit confusing. Look no further, we will explain how to get them in this guide.

How to Get All Badges in Tower of Hell (Roblox)


tower of hell badges guide

You will find seven badges in Tower of Hell and they are: Newbie, Pro, Mutated, Secret, Maxed, Collector and Explorer. Keep reading to know the requirements to obtain the badges.

  • Newbie: To get this badge, you need to complete your first Noob tower. The time does not matter and it will also work in a private server. Make sure to touch the door for this.
  • Pro: To get this badge, you have to complete your very first Pro tower. They will be named as such. If you make a 12 section tower in a private server, you can still get this badge.
  • Mutated: When you are in a server with all coin-bought mutators, you can get this badge. Which ones count? Foggy, invincibility, high speed, low gravity, negative, lengthen, extra time – these are necessary. The mutators that are Robux bought will not be counted.
  • Secret: When you find a secret area in a tower, be it noob or pro, you will get this badge. There are 18 secret sections available at the time of writing.
  • Maxed: When you max the skill tree, you will obtain this badge. This can be done by reaching level 80.
  • Collector: When you get all effects from coin boxes, you will get the Collector badge. This is mostly based on luck so keep at it until you get it.
  • Explorer: You have to discover and touch all 242 sections to get the Explorer badge in Roblox Tower of Hell. But secret sections will not be counted in this.


That’s all about how to get all badges in Roblox Tower of Hell. Don’t forget to check out our Tower of Hell codes to claim various in-game freebies!