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Tower of Fantasy Release Date

Here's what is known about the Tower Of Fantasy Launch Date.

Tower of Fantasy is a new Chinese game similar to Genshin Impact and Blue Protocol. If you are curious to know about the Tower of Fantasy Release Date on PC and Mobile (Android and iOS), scroll below to find out everything that is currently known.

What is the Tower of Fantasy Release Date?

Tower of Fantasy is another game like Genshin Impact which is about to enter the video game world. It is a MMORPG title that will possibly arrive in 2021 on PC, iOS, and Android (although at the moment only in China, with no estimated date for its launch in the USA and Europe). Set in a science fiction universe, this free title will be released possibly in 2022 worldwide on PC and mobile.

Tower of Fantasy is a game very much similar to Genshin Impact or Blue Protocol, an open-world role-playing title with anime aesthetics and a customizable character.

The free-to-play proposal of the title takes us to a futuristic science fiction world where the weight of the combat will swing between melee weapons, such as swords, and magic. All with a touch of insanity and energy.

There will also be room for exploration, puzzles, and QTE (Quick Time Events) in cinematics, as you can see in the gameplay video at the bottom of this article. Taking advantage of the futuristic aesthetic, Tower of Fantasy introduces new elements in its open-world action proposal.

There will be wide customization of the avatar, with adjustable features that go from the color of each part of the body to the disposition of the facial profile, and vehicles adapted to its science fiction stories, such as motorcycles, sliders and even jetpacks.

Tower of Fantasy is the first game from Hotta Studio, a team that announced this project at the last ChinaJoy 2020, held during the month of June. At that time, a little bit of information about the game was revealed and it was scheduled for a launch next year (2021) on PC, iOS and Android, although as we said before, it is only scheduled for release in China.

The first closed beta of Tower of Fantasy finished on October 29 November 1, 2020, while the second closed beta recently got over last month from April 15 to April 21, 2021, both in China. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to think that Tower of Fantasy will end up coming out in 2022 worldwide.