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Tower Defense Shinobi Tier List – Best Units (April 2023)

Here are the best units you can get in Tower Defense Shinobi Tier List.

PVE game Tower Defense Shinobi is here and many players are looking for the best units to use in the game. This game it’s very crucial to pick the right unit other wise you will be facing lots of difficulties to sustain longer. So we hope this Tower Defense Shinobi Tier List will be helpful to you.

Tower Defense Shinobi Best Units Tier List (April 2023)

Here are the best units in Tower Defense Shinobi Tier List:

Tiers Units
S Tier Shukaku
A Tier Cursed Shikamaru
A Tier Jiraiya
A Tier Kazekage Gaara
A Tier Minato
A Tier Orochimaru
A Tier Tsunade
B Tier Ramen Guy
B Tier Sakura
B Tier Teen Naruto
C Tier Cursed Sasuke
C Tier Kankuro
D Tier Gaara
F Tier Neji
F Tier Sasuke

This Tower Defense Shinobi Tier List for best units is shared by the game dev in this Discord channel. Players who played the game and when through this tier list agreed with it for the most part. The S Tier unit “Shukaku” is currently an unobtainable unit in the game. Even though Shukaku is shown as S Tier, no player had a chance to play with them. So we are going along with the tier list shared by the dev. Another dev in the same post asks Shukaku to be considered as an F Tier unit due to unavailability.

Tower Defense Shinobi Tier List best units

If you are new to the game then we also have some codes for you to redeem free Fishcakes and Yen in the game.

Tower Defense Shinobi Codes

Here are all the new working Tower Defense Shinobi codes:

  • UPDATE0.5! – Get 600 Fishcakes & 5,000 Yen (Only for new servers)
  • 20kSUPER! – Get 450 Fishcakes & 500 Yen
  • 7.5kLikes! – Get 350 Fishcakes
  • LateLikeGoal – Get 300 Fishcakes
  • Redemption! – Get 150 Fishcakes & 1,000 Yen
  • shutdown – Get 300 Fishcakes
  • thanksgiving – Get 450 Fishcakes
  • ThankYou – Get 300 Fishcakes

Expired Codes

Here are the old codes for your reference:

  • Release! – Redeem Code to get 250 Fishcakes
  • 5kLikes! – Redeem Code to get 300 Fishcakes

That’s everything you need to know about this particular Tier List. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Tier Lists to know our rankings for characters in other games, like Legends ReWritten Blessings Tier List.